“You happy we are happy”

Our main purpose is to show you real Mongolian Nomadic lifestyles and help you to spend jubilant and memorable holiday in Mongolian fascinating landscape. We won’t dictate you to choose from our itineraries. We will be happy to hear your mind to create your unique itinerary in Mongolian vast territory. Depending on your wish we offer both individual and group tours.

Package tours

You can come with your family and friends to spend your lovely holiday. Or you can join in a group with same interest.

We provide following services in our package tour:

Driver and tour guide: Well experienced and reliable driver and English speaking tour guide who also cooks will assist you to make your adventure tour around Mongolia.

Accommodation: During the whole trip you can experience both camping and staying in “Ger” from local people provides, or even stay at tourist camp.

Food: We provide 1.5 liter mineral water per day. And the tour guide will cook for you in advance. If you are vegetarian or other dietary requirements, please let us know in advance and we will make an arrangement for you.

Travel equipment and fees: We provide travel equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, mattress, and kitchen wares for free charging. National park and museum fees are included in the trip.

Activities: Depending on the length of your tour camel and horse riding will be included.

Individual tours:

This kind of tour is dedicated for the visitors who are expecting more luxury, comfortable and high standard tours. All the services which are offered from us are the same, but mostly, you stay at tourist camp with white sheets and western stylish restroom. The meals, you can have many kind of European dishes which are prepared by professional cook. Certainly, the price would be higher than A type package tour.

City tour 1 day

  1. Bogd khaan museum
  2. Zaisan Buddha monument
  3. Gobi cashmere story
  4. lunch
  5. Gandan monastery

6 .Mongolian Dinosaurs museum

  1. Mongolian historical museum
  2. Chinggis khaan square

           Research trip

A trip which includes: various animals and plants in certain areas. Where would you like to visit?

Fascinating Nomadic family trip

You have a great chance to be familiar with Mongolian wonderful culture which including horse riding , making dairy products and other surprising activities. It is short and long-term. In addition the trip can be planned if you are interested in any particular stuff.

Trough this trip there are chances to assist the activity of nomadic family and you can add your own ideas for this.


An excursion is a trip by a group of people, usually made for leisure, education, or physical Short excursions for education or for observations of natural phenomena are called field trips.